Thy Sun, Your Queen
  •  Sep 16, 2021
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"Thy Sun; Your Queen"
TL; DR :
I really like using Microsoft Paint. it's simple and easy to use when working on line art.
a lot of people sad the jaw was a bit off with this drawing. I tried to fix it many times.

I really really really like what I did with this one. the shading the details the texturing I really love how this came together. I believe this is one of my best work so far. I still like using MSPaint for my line art I don't know why, maybe because the curve tool - it really helps when making smooth lines, more so a few vectoring tools. It's simple and easy and that's the way I like it.

when I was first making this drawing I showed those on bronysquare the line art and they say it looked like Celestia was eating something or her jaw/cheeks were too big. it took me some time to get it right but eventually I settled on what you see now.

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